If Not Now, When?

“ZIONISM IS __Activism__”

When I first thought about creating this blog, there were many things about which I was unsure. But despite all of the unknowns, the one thing I knew beyond a shadow of a doubt was that whether or not I felt that the blog was ready for prime time (not quite – in the coming days and weeks, I’ll be tweaking the header image, settings, links, my username, etc.), I was going to launch this sucker on May 10th.

What’s so special about today, you ask?

In addition to being the birthday of someone very dear to me, May 10, 2011 is Yom Ha’atzmaut – Israel’s 63rd Independence Day. And given what this blog will be about (for a hint, click the About link under the header image, or check out the Evil Zionist Links on the right sidebar to see the company I keep), I couldn’t think of a more auspicious occasion for launching Jumping the Zionist Shark.

So yeah………………. what’s with the whole Jumping the Zionist Shark business?

Great question. The answer (along with proper links, attribution/hat tips, etc.) is forthcoming in a matter of days. Stay tuned.

Why this blog? Why now?

Because…If I am not for me, then who will be for me? And if I am only for myself, then what am I? AND IF NOT NOW, WHEN?

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