During the initial setup phase of Jumping the Zionist Shark, I am using a few images as placeholders, and in my haste to launch the blog on Yom Ha’atzmaut, I was remiss in meeting some of my attribution obligations on day one.

For example, the picture I’m using for my Twitter account (as well as my WordPress blog icon) was created by gravitational; a member of, in the Mossad shark attacks- exclusive picture ! message thread. Please make a note of it. FYI, I got there via Israel Matzav.

Now I need to double back and see where I found the Yom Hazikaron photo (taken at the Kotel/Western Wall) I’m using as my temporary header.

UPDATE: On second thought, I’m just going to use the same Mossad Shark image as my placeholder header, while a talented and generous friend is currently working on a new, custom header for the blog. Can’t wait!

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