Feliz Nakbidad!

“ANTI-ZIONISM IS __Incrementalism__”

Happy Self-Inflicted Catastrophe Day!

Epic Fail

As another wonderful Nakba Day nears its end, I look back on the day’s events. We celebrated Israel’s 63rd Independence Day with music and food and dance, and there was much rejoicing.

Look, I can see how Israel’s founding was a catastrophe for the Arabs who, instead of accepting the previously-offered (Nov., 1947) UN Partition Plan and living peacefully side-by-side, chose to push their Jew-killing chips all in. But despite the odds, the Jews won and got to create their tiny little internationally-endorsed state anyway.

So yes, the return of a Jewish state to the Jewish ancestral homeland turned out to be a big ol’ disaster for some, but the thing of it is, it didn’t have to be.

You started a fight which you lost. And the heart of the issue is that your leaders promised you that it was a battle which would result in victory: glorious, swift, easy victory.

If I extend my hand in peace, and you clench your rage-a-holic fist in return, your Epic Fail is simply not the kind of self-inflicted catastrophe that needs to interfere with my Nakba Day grilling plans.

UPDATE: I almost forgot. Here’s a little taste of some of Israel’s “catastrophic” accomplishments:

You know the old saying:

One man’s catastrophe is another man’s light unto the nations.

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