Resolved: Israelis Are Wicked Awesome Debaters

Cross-posted at Israellycool

You know the old saw about 2 Jews, 3 opinions. Whether we’re discussing politics, sports, or the minutiae of halacha* (הלכה‎ – Jewish law), Jews seem to enjoy a healthy debate. So I probably shouldn’t have been surprised to see that Israeli brothers Omer & Sela Navo from Tel-Aviv University have won the World Universities Debating Championships in the ESL (English as a Second Language) category.

Kol Hakavod, Ha’achim Sela!

As I picture them debating their way to flawless victory, I can’t help but wonder whether the technique used in that competition was “The Spread”, popularized in the 2007 documentary, Resolved.

Apparently, it works for those who are used to it, but to an outsider like me, this breakneck-paced debate method looks plain nuts (NVTS Nuts!), what with the crazy breathing and all.

* FYI, when I wrote the word “halacha” in the top paragraph, it had a red line underneath. So when I right-clicked to check the spelling, the top suggestion was “halal”.


(h/t Challah Hu Akbar)

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