Engineered By The Israel Lobby: Evil Zionist Shoes

The Evil Zionist Lobby is buying and paying its way to global footwear domination.

Cross-posted at Israellycool

Fresh on the heels of Evil Zionist Streelights™ and Evil Zionist Crop Circles™, today’s item bought and paid for engineered by the Israel lobby: Evil Zionist Shoes™. (not to be confused with Evil Zionist Loafers™).

As I was shopping with my family a few weeks ago, my wife was looking for some boots. I helped her look (not that there’s anything wrong with that), and found a pair of North Face beauties that really spoke to the Evil Zionist in me.

And wouldn’t ya know it, these aren’t even the first of their kind, as these Evil Zionist Vans will attest:

As I was about to his the publish button, I thought I’d do a little Google Image search, and found this:

Truth be told, though, I think these are a little on the nose, don’t you? I prefer a more sneaky, stealthy, world-dominatey brand of Zionism, symbolized (literally) by putting the Magen David on the soles.

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