I think You Forgot About That Internal Popup Window, Delta Interwebs Guy (UPDATED)

A funny thing happened on the way to Delta removing “Occupied Palestinian Territories” from its website. They did…but they also didn’t.

Cross-posted at Israellycool.

The Delta saga continues… *sigh*

  • Also today, according to Dr Mike Cohen on Twitter, Delta removed the remaining “Palestinian Territory” from that page.

So… I guess this means victory is ours, right? Right?

Yeah, not so much. This is that same Delta SkyMiles web page, as of about an hour ago, and still the same as I click the publish button. As I’ve been saying for a while on the original Israellycool post, on my blog, and on Twitter, when you click on the words “Middle East” on the “Within Middle East” box at the top of the mileage award chart below, it brings up an internal popup window that still says “Occupied Palestinian Territory”.

So which is it, Delta? Make up your mind, so we can get this over with already. There are other, more interesting things I’d like to write about, but since I started this, I feel like I have to see it through to the bitter end.

UPDATE: I Think You Forgot About Clearing Your Browser’s Cache, Zionist Shark

Epic Fail Is Mine!

On Friday, Israellycool commenter Brian Goldfarb pointed out that he wasn’t seeing what I was seeing, asking whether he was missing something. To answer your question, Brian, no you weren’t missing anything; I was. After reading Brian’s comment, I did something I should have done before posting this – I cleared my browser’s cache. This time, when I went back to the website, those words were gone.

So while my original post was valid, this one was not. Mea Culpa.

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One Response to I think You Forgot About That Internal Popup Window, Delta Interwebs Guy (UPDATED)

  1. pundit02 says:

    You are a VERY BIG man Mr. Shark! Few bloggers have the guts to admit when they are wrong. Not that the cause was wrong or that Delta should be given an inch of credit on the entire episode. But to post a follow-up like this takes a BIG MAN! Mr. Shark – Jonah’s whale would have been proud to swim with you – I know I am! Hope we can work together in the future to foil similar attempts to push anti-Israel agendas with similar Shark Bites! Shabbat Shalom – The Bard of Zion…

    PS – Can you believe that with all the noise we made – not one traditional media outlet picked up the story? I don’t know if I’m more amazed or appalled.

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