Liar Liar, Mosque On Fire

Ali Abunimah takes a page out of the malevolent, incendiary, rabble-rousing book of Haj Amin Al-Husseini. The ‘Grand’ Mufti would be so proud.

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If you missed the excitement on Twitter over the weekend, Ali Abunimah of Electronic Intifada decided to take a page out of the malevolent, incendiary, rabble-rousing book of Haj Amin Al-Husseini, the ‘Grand’ Mufti of Jerusalem in the early 20th century.

The Warped Mirror: Al-Aqsa incitement from the mufti to Ali Abunimah.

It’s a perennial hit: Haj Amin al Husseini, the Mufti of Jerusalem, who later gained notoriety as a Nazi collaborator, did it already in the 1920s; senior Palestinian leader Marwan Barghouti did it in 2000; and now Ali Abunimah is doing his bit to keep the tradition of spurious claims about Jewish threats to Al-Aqsa alive.

On his Electronic Intifada blog, Abunimah has a post announcing that Likud leaders plan to go to Al-Aqsa, that they are calling for “cleansing” Jerusalem and building a Jewish temple instead of the mosque. At the bottom of the post there is an update that sort of acknowledges that there is no basis to the story, but unsurprisingly, this doesn’t prevent Abunimah from concluding:

There’s certainly no doubt that whoever published this flyer – which was taken as real by the Israeli media – is tapping into a history of calls and growing support for destroying Al-Aqsa. Feiglin’s supporters too are clear about their desire to take over the Temple Mount.

When I looked at the post, it had just over 100 tweets and some 150 Facebook endorsements. Hitler’s mufti would have loved such an efficient way to spread his incitement.

Here are some screenshots documenting the spread of Abunimah’s tale in the Twittersphere (click to enlarge):

As Abunimah knows full well, since 1967, Israel has treated the Temple Mount very differently from how the Jordanians treated Jewish holy sites before 1967. Here is a short summary:

Today, an Islamic Waqf, or religious committee, manages the Temple Mount, though Israel provides security and upholds decisions made by the waqf about access to the site.

For Jews, visiting the Temple Mount is a very controversial subject- both in terms of religious allowance and because non-Muslim prayer is prohibited at the site. Although freedom of access to the site is enshrined as law, Israel does not allow non-Muslim prayer on the Mount so as not to offend Muslim worshippers. Beyond this, many rabbi’s say that since the Jewish Temple’s Holy of Holies stood near the center of today’s Temple Mount, Jews are religiously forbidden from entering the area.

Arabs can enter the Temple Mount through one of ten different Muslim-only gates from various sites in the Old City. Tourists and Jews are only allowed access to the site through the Mugrabi Gate which is located just above to the left of the Kotel, or Western Wall plaza.

I outlined the tradition of incitement that Abunimah is now so eagerly adopting on my Jerusalem Post blog in October 2009; the (currently inaccessible) post is reproduced below, with some of the links that are no longer functional in […]. Additional examples of this “tradition” can also be found here.

Read it all.

As usual, Elder adds his own take, including several additional documented examples of Al-Aqsa-related incitement here.

And of course, if you’ve read Mordechai Kedar’s illuminating piece in the Jewish Press, you’ll know that the incitement Al-Aqsa engenders isn’t the only phony thing about it.

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I think You Forgot About That Internal Popup Window, Delta Interwebs Guy (UPDATED)

A funny thing happened on the way to Delta removing “Occupied Palestinian Territories” from its website. They did…but they also didn’t.

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The Delta saga continues… *sigh*

  • Also today, according to Dr Mike Cohen on Twitter, Delta removed the remaining “Palestinian Territory” from that page.

So… I guess this means victory is ours, right? Right?

Yeah, not so much. This is that same Delta SkyMiles web page, as of about an hour ago, and still the same as I click the publish button. As I’ve been saying for a while on the original Israellycool post, on my blog, and on Twitter, when you click on the words “Middle East” on the “Within Middle East” box at the top of the mileage award chart below, it brings up an internal popup window that still says “Occupied Palestinian Territory”.

So which is it, Delta? Make up your mind, so we can get this over with already. There are other, more interesting things I’d like to write about, but since I started this, I feel like I have to see it through to the bitter end.

UPDATE: I Think You Forgot About Clearing Your Browser’s Cache, Zionist Shark

Epic Fail Is Mine!

On Friday, Israellycool commenter Brian Goldfarb pointed out that he wasn’t seeing what I was seeing, asking whether he was missing something. To answer your question, Brian, no you weren’t missing anything; I was. After reading Brian’s comment, I did something I should have done before posting this – I cleared my browser’s cache. This time, when I went back to the website, those words were gone.

So while my original post was valid, this one was not. Mea Culpa.

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DeltaGate Part Deux: This Time It’s Political

Delta Airlines graduates to partisan, anti-Israel political activism by adding “Occupied Palestinian Territory” to list of Middle East countries.

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*To be read in the voice of Don LaFontaine*

In a world…

Where multiple airlines defer to the prejudiced demands of the Saudi regime…

One airline…

Kicks it up a notch.

Coming this February to an in-flight movie near you…

DeltaGate Part Deux: This Time It’s Political

Last summer, there was a big brouhaha over whether Delta airlines was enabling Saudi Arabia’s discriminatory policies in the name of big bidness.

However, while Delta and other airlines do sanction the bigotry of the Saudis, the fact that Delta was a passive accomplice rather than an active partisan relegated the story to the back burner. And as the news cycles have generated many larger, more rage-worthy stories since then, we haven’t heard much about it in recent months.

Well, it’s sequel time, and this time, passive intolerance has metastasized into malignant political bias. This one’s not going to be as easy for Delta to explain away by saying all the kids are doing it.

Our scene opens with a wide shot of the Middle East SkyMiles mileage page on the Delta website:

Suddenly, a red oval appears, drawing the viewer’s eye to the action.

The camera zooms in on the text, revealing a fictional locale, highlighted in red.

Cut to the “Middle East” popup for another angle. Still there.

Aaaand scene!

Hmm. It ends a little abruptly. Ah, forget it: we’ll fix it in post.

Couple of announcements:

It seems Delta will be flying all of us to “Occupied Palestinian Territory” for the wrap party. Not sure what city the airport’s in, though.

Wait, here it is: Tel Al-Rabi.

Finally, Craft Service is being sponsored by Delta today, so let’s make damn sure there are no Israeli products on the table this time, people.

That’s lunch!

(h/t @DrMikeCohen)

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Art Vandelay Designed These…Didn’t Take Very Long, Either

Awesome Israeli Architecture – The Top 10 must-see buildings of Israel.

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Technically, Art Vandelay was never an architect himself on Seinfeld. He was, at times, a fictitious importer/exporter, a counterfeit author, the fabricated head of a latex conglomerate, and in the series finale, a real judge. But since his first appearance (Season 1, Episode 2) involved George pretending to be an architect for the first time, I tend to relate that character to the fervent desire to pretend to be an architect (sorry I can’t embed that video).

So on that note, ISRAEL21c presents An Art Vandelay Retrospective The Top 10 must-see buildings of Israel

The Top 10 must-see buildings of Israel

By Abigail Klein Leichman
February 05, 2012

From Byzantine, to Bauhaus, Israel has dozens of architectural styles that blend beautifully into the landscape of the Holy Land. ISRAEL21c brings you the top 10.

Beauty is in the eye of the beholder, but ISRAEL21c has attempted to identify some of the most striking buildings in the land. There is more than enough to choose from, as modern Israel’s architecture is an eclectic mix of the ancient to the avant-garde.

1. The International YMCA, Jerusalem

Photo by Yossi Zamir/Flash 90
The YMCA in Jerusalem was designed by the Empire State Building architect.

A landmark on the Jerusalem skyline, the YMCA was designed by Arthur Louis Harmon, the same architect behind the Empire State Building. Like its New York cousin, the YMCA was the tallest building in the city at the time of its opening around 1935.

Harmon wanted to embrace the architectural traditions of Judaism, Christianity and Islam, so the YMCA’s design has elements of Byzantine, Romanesque, Gothic and neo-Moorish styles and its foundation contains stones from quarries believed to have been used in the construction of the Second Temple. Forty columns in the courtyard represent the 40 years of Israelite desert wanderings as well as the 40 days of temptation of Jesus, while the 12 windows in the auditorium and 12 cypress trees in the garden symbolize the 12 tribes, the 12 disciples of Jesus and the 12 followers of Mohammed.

The Jerusalem YMCA is considered the most beautiful YMCA building in the world. At the top of the 50-meter tower is a relief figure of the six-winged seraph described by the prophet Isaiah. The capitals of two entryway columns depict the Woman of Samaria mentioned in the Gospels and a lamb represents Jesus.

2. Mivtachim Sanatorium/Hotel, Zichron Yaacov

Award-winning former convalescence home, soon to be a hotel.

Architect Yacov Rechter, who also designed the Tel Aviv Performing Arts Center and other iconic buildings, won the 1973 Israel Prize for the Mivtachim Sanatorium. Originally part of a healthcare campus in the Carmel mountains, the long unused 7,752-square-meter structure will get a second lease on life as a boutique hotel set to open this spring with 80 rooms, an art gallery, two concert halls and a recording studio.

The elongated design follows the lines of the topography and is open along its entire length to vistas over the Mediterranean Sea. “The greatness of the project is the way it crowns the mountain,” says Beni Levy, dean of the Architecture School at Ariel University Center.

I’ve been to several of them, but some of these new ones are breathtaking. See the complete list at, but in the meantime, here are a few more pics of the new hotness:

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Well, That Didn’t Take Long

Our Latest Zionist Death Widget™: Evil Zionist Strife-Fomenting Egyptian Arab Spring Soccer Hooligans™

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On Wednesday, in the wake of the soccer-related deaths in Egypt, I tweeted the following:

The very next day, Elder of Ziyon and MEMRI were kind enough to show everyone that Zionist Shark is not only Zionist, but also clairvoyant.

EoZ: Egyptian MP blames soccer deaths on – well, you know who.

Aww yeah! I win the Irrational, Conspiracist, Blame-the-Zionists-for-What-Ails-Your-Country-Internally pool! W00t!

Who has 12 fins (most sharks have 8, but my crafty, clever, evil Zionist overlords engineered 4 secret ones) and called it as it was unfolding?

THIS shark!

Of course, I’m probably tooting my horn a little much here. After all, this kind of thing happens so often, it was really low-hanging fruit, wasn’t it?

Anyhoo…since you’re already here and all, wanna play Spot the Evil Zionist with me?

Do you see any Zionists here?
Here?How ’bout here?

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Douglas Murray’s Cambridge Union Masterclass

Douglas Murray schools the Iran-appeasing opposition.

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This past Thursday, I retweeted the following tweet from Melanie Phillips

…though I didn’t get the chance to see it until just now.

That’s right, I said it. I retweeted it sight unseen. I’m that big a fan of Melanie’s work (for example, the Israel-related parts of her talk, “The World Turned Upside Down”, are spectacular) that when I see a tweet with an Israel-related link, I am confident enough to retweet it now and check out the link later. And no surprise, my faith was rewarded this time as well. Preach on, Douglas!

Here is what Melanie wrote about the video on her post, “How to deal with the appeasers of genocide”:

This YouTube video of the British writer Douglas Murray at the Cambridge Union last March has suddenly gone viral. It’s not surprising. It is a magnificent put-down of all those who dismiss the mortal threat posed by Iran’s nuclear programme. Given the lethal and amoral idiocy of those who are currently indifferent to the genocidal threat posed by Iran to the State of Israel in particular, this is a must-see.

Anytime an analyst/politician/journalist tries to apply MAD (Mutually Assured Destruction – the Cold War-era doctrine that assumes rational actors on both sides of a nuclear/WMD conflict) to this irrational, terror-supporting Iranian regime, that sound you hear is their credibility and/or objectivity circling the bowl.

UPDATE: For those of you who’d rather take your videos embedded than have to click through a link (right there with you), here is “The World Turned Upside Down”, the Melanie Phillips talk I mentioned above:

FYI, as a one-issue shark, I am only referring to the Israel-related portion of this video. My other views are my own.

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Everything Old Is New Again

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Israel’s newest, oldest, new immigrant (wait, what?) is 97 years old.

Moving to Israel at 97

Maria Bertha Holskon from Argentina becomes one of Israel’s oldest new olim – making aliyah at the ripe old age of 97

Ofer Petersburg

Over the last few weeks one very special new arrival has been settling down in Israel: The oldest woman to make aliyah in the last few years, maybe ever, 97-year-old Maria Bertha Holskon has come home.

Holskon was born in 1915 in a Jewish town in Argentina near Carlos Casares, founded by Baron Hirsch. In her teens she was the local beauty queen and when she grew up she moved to Buenos Aires where she remained until she decided to make aliyah.

Her youngest daughter Dalia influenced her decision to make the move to Israel; she had already made aliyah and was living in Kfar Saba, and now Maria Bertha lives there too. She has two daughters, seven grandchildren, five great grandchildren and three more on the way.

Among the possessions she brought with her to Israel are love letters she wrote to the man who would later become her husband and pictures of her family from bygone days.

And what is her secret to a long life? “Loving people and making them love you. Giving unconditionally without expecting anything in return, never stop exercising; smile a lot and offer help to anyone in need of assistance.”

Kol Hakavod!

I couldn’t find a photo of Maria Bertha, so here’s a photo of the 104 young people who made aliyah last August on a joint Nefesh B’Nefesh/Friends of the IDF charter flight, on their way to becoming Chayalim Bodedim (Lone Soldiers) in the IDF.

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